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Monterrey is the capital of the state of Nuevo León and is considered the industrial capital of Mexico.

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In cities like Monterrey, getting around by public transport is not a realistic option, so unless the only thing you want is to lie down in the downtown and stay in the area, you will need to rent a car in Monterrey. Why? Well, it is worth having a car to tour and visit all the magical places that exist in Monterrey such as the Grutas de García or the Cueva de la Virgen, or visit the many museums in the city.

If shopping is your thing, then you will love San Pedro Garza Garcia, as it has a large number of shopping centers, such as Calzada 401, Avanta Gardens, Pueblo Serena, Paseo San Pedro, among others. Rent a car at the Monterrey Airport and explore each of them as soon as you arrive.

When you rent a car in Monterrey, you will find many places conducive to sightseeing: world-class historical monuments, museums, stadiums, theaters and parks, and as we saw previously, excellent shopping, but there is something else for which Monterrey is distinguished, its gastronomy.

Monterrey is distinguished by its world-class restaurants, such as Pangea, which is in No. 14 of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America.

If you take your rental car in Monterrey and drive around the city, you will realize that the locals' favorite dish is Cabrito, which means a kid or baby goat. This typical dish is served in several different ways, spit-roasted, oven cooked or in salsa.

But there is another dish that cannot be missed: carne asada is taken very seriously in Monterrey. If you want try this delicious dish, rent a car in Monterrey and you will find many restaurants all over the city serving up the best cuts of meat from the region.

Hire a car in Monterrey from Mastercar Auto Rental and enjoy the best attractions of the city.